Packaging & shipping


Introducing an innovative approach to shipping delicate equipment – we offer a standardized method of transporting up to four (4) copiers or 24 printers on a single, oversized pallet, complete with a protective wooden cage.

Our specially designed pallets are versatile, fitting seamlessly into standard shipping containers and suitable for transportation via regular truck services – no need for specialized vehicles. This ensures hassle-free third-party trans-shipments with effortless reloading.

To guarantee the highest quality, all the construction wood utilized for our special pallets undergoes rigorous heat treatment. We proudly hold ISPM15 certificates SE-N5788 and DE-NW3490194, signifying our certified status as a trusted user of treated wood materials.

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Versatile Shipping Containers: 20 and 40 ft

Experience efficient container loading with a dual-level configuration, featuring a sturdy, reinforced second floor specifically engineered to handle substantial top-level loads.

Rest assured, our container loading process utilizes heat-treated construction wood, meeting the highest standards. We proudly hold certifications as an authorized user with ISPM15 certificates SE-N5788 and DE-NW3490194.

Promoting sustainability, all construction wood employed within the container is reusable upon reaching its ultimate destination.