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About AL Faraeenah elect device

AL Faraeenah elect device stands out as a leading player in the trade of pre-owned photocopiers. It’s remarkable journey began in 1983, establishing it as a pioneer in this industry. It places great importance on fostering enduring relationships, as evidenced by the fact that it’s very first customer from 1983 continues to choose AL Faraeenah elect device as their trusted supplier. No doubt, thousands of clients consider AL Faraeenah as best photocopier suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

With an impressive AAA rating and ISO 14001 certification, it prioritizes excellence in its operations. The company export more than 40,000 devices in multiple regions annually.

By establishing effective facilities, the company aims to effectively serve its UAE network of used photocopier suppliers while also expanding its supply base.

We are one of the best Photocopier Suppliers in Dubai UAE

By focusing on—quality products, a range of options, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service—a photocopier trading business can thrive and meet the needs of its customers effectively.

High Quality Products

Ensuring that the photocopiers offered by the top rated used copier machine Company in Dubai. Customers seek reliable and durable machines that can consistently deliver sharp and clear copies.

Multiple Options

Multiple Options: By having diverse range of product options, customers can find the best machine as per their need. This includes offering different features, sizes, speeds, and functionalities to cater to various business requirements.

Inexpensive & Competitive Pricing

Pricing plays a significant role in the photocopier trading business. For attracting customers, there should be a right balance between quality of product and affordability. We ensure this balance every time. With competitive pricing we are leading in the market.

Fantabulous Customer Service

Building strong relationships with customers is vital for success in the photocopier trading industry. Customers can get exceptional services including timely response. Furthermore, technical support and after-sales service are the prove of loyalty.

Why choose us for your copier needs?

  • Tailored selection – Get exactly what you want
  • Flexible quantities – Whether large or small, we’ve got you covered
  • Thoroughly tested and functional copiers – Complete peace of mind
  • Competitive market prices – Get the best value for your investment
  • Compliance with regulations – All copiers are legally exported and fully WEEE compliant
  • Extensive experience in exporting used copiers – Trust our expertise
  • Detailed information provided – Know the specifics before sealing the deal
  • Secure container loading – Expertly packed on two levels with a sturdy floor
  • Professional packaging and loading for safe transport – Your copiers arrive in perfect condition
  • Building long-term relationships – We’re committed to your satisfaction
  • For inquiries, stock availability, and delivery times, please get in touch with our dedicated sales team.

Why choose us as your buyer?

  • Selling your pre-owned photocopiers of all brands and models.
  • No selective purchases – we buy everything you have.
  • Acquiring the entire inventory (ranging from 250 to 5,000 units) for fleet sales situations (such as school boards, municipalities, government exchange programs, etc.).
  • Offering data cleaning or destruction services for hard drives, along with reinstallation of new firmware.
  • Ensuring the recycling of your outdated and irreparable units in compliance with ISO 14001 and WEEE regulations.
  • Assisting you in meeting the reuse targets outlined in the EU WEEE recast.
  • Established local presence in multiple sectors, facilitating weekly pickups throughout UAE.
  • Providing fair market prices for your photocopiers.
  • Building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability.

We give used copiers a new life world wide